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Black ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I love black girls I don't know why I can't get them out of my mind why are you'd sooo beautiful??!!
Thank you!
Black Ladies...?
Some of us have such a hard time complementing each other. =(

When I complement a lot of Black women they look shocked. I can either take that in a positive way or a negative way. But we are in so much competition with each other it's mind-boggling.
Then you have the sistas who feel that ANY negative comment a Black woman makes against another Black woman automatically mean that she can't "support a sista", okay. Like for example, I don't like Beyonce (not as a person b/c I don't know her but I think her music and image are cheesy and overrated and I'm sick of looking at her). When I say that around other Black women, they automatically think that I "can't support a sister". Okay? So just because Beyonce's black I can't voice my opinion on her?
We are so mixed up right now. We need to just be women together rather than light-skin, dark-skinned, long hair, nappy, fat, skinny, et cetera.
And this does not only pertain to Black women. I know other groups of women can relate too. =)
A man's perspective: My beautiful black sister, you already have it together. Just remember you can't be all things to all people. Choose your friends and associates wisely. Some don't want to see you happy or successful. You don't have to accept behavior you deem inappropriate or disrespectful. Try not to compare yourself to an actress, entertainer or preacher. You are a unique and interesting individual that can accomplish any goal that's set. stay focused and be you.
Are there very many black ladies and gentlemen that live in the Bangkok area today?
I am aware of the crippled one that had total knee replacement that goes by the name of Sampson, that i have on my fans list, but how many other black ladies and gentlemen live in the Bangkok area?

Feel free to voice your opinion and have a wonderful day.
Very few black women. Some black men, but unlikely most of them would be considered gentlemen due to the high percentage involved in criminal activity (gem scams and drugs are the usual occupations).
How come white ladies have it easier than black ladies?
I see it everyday, black ladies have life so much harder than the white ones, they go to work, take the guy to day care, they have health problems etc etc, but the white people dont have a had life they have it easy, they have things handed to them on a silver platter why is this

oh and one thing abot black girls they are alot nicer on their periods than white girls why??
I think some white women have it better, but then again some black women have it better. It is all situational.
Why do chubby black ladies get more love than chubby white ladies?
In the entertainment industry, it's cool to be a big black girl (Aretha Franklin, Oprah). So many movies have the "sexy" big black lady.

But big white ladies rarely get roles on entertainment. Unless the role calls for a fat white lady to be made fun of. Why do you think that is?
I am guessing because they are actually comfortable in their skin. Plus in the black culture curves are more exceptable to the men.
Black ladies, do you find guys in a bikini attractive?
I'm going to the Caribbean tomorrow and i would like to impress some black ladies there. I will be wearing a speedo to impress these ladies, i know when black women have their bikini on, it's sexy. Imagine me in a bikini with black women everywhere, that would be on ebony heaven
No, actually I'm a bit disturbed whilst this is happening. I went to the Bahamas and a guy was handing me a drink, while I was reclining, with his speedos on. I'm on the short side so he had ALL his junk in my face. Now, normally this would not have bugged me SO much but my boyfriend was right next to me. So here I am with some guy's junk in my face and my boyfriend looking at me like, "Well, aren't you gonna tell him to move?" But I wanted my damn drink. So I got my drink but my guy was pissed at me. Its not like we touched or anything. SO I have a bad experience with speedos.
Do Black Ladies have an entirely different figure(regarding rear curves) compared to white chicks?
I have never liked black ladies' booty style I mean its quite kind of masculine, but white chicks booty curves get me crazy, what do you say, is it true or is it just my view? terms of body structure and what I've viewed personally I find that the bodies of African Americans or black people in general tend to be slightly less curvier then that of an Asian female or common European woman.

I think many of them have the genetic trait of a smaller pelvis which might have something to do with their ancestry and previous lifestyle.

EDIT: I'm an English girl with some Scottish blood and I always got teased for having a big, sticky out butt when I was little but that's just me so I'm not sure :)

Duck-Butt was my nickname haha
Why do black ladies like having such long toe nails?
Everytime I see a black lady w/ sandals or flip flops, they always have really long toe nails. Don't they every get snagged up on things? I can't imagine that having such long toe nails could be comfortable? I just don't get it.
Culture. Just as long nails make a hand look more elegant, long toenails make feet look more elegant to some people. It's a signal to others that they actually take care of their feet. If your toenails are longer, you actually have to work to keep them healthy. You actually have to take more effort to paint them. lol Some Asian cultures like for women to have long toenails too. My toenails are long. I'm disappointed when one breaks!
Does Anybody know where the underground strip clubs are in Miami that has Black Ladies?
Does Anybody know where the underground strip clubs are in Miami that has Black Ladies....
Why all the black ladies i met have such a thing for European (Mediterranean) men?
All these black ladies from USA and UK in the summer vacations in Greece , Italy , Spain ,South France or Portugal , DAMN IS RIDICULOUS HOW THEY GO AFTER THE NATIVE MEN THERE!

And whoever in this forum has ever go there for vacations knows i am speaking the truth,so don't even try to tell me any different,i have been a witness in several cases.
yes, black women always talk how mediterranean men are so hot, but mediterranean men prefer north europeans.

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