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Dungeon Party Sluts

Posted: January 10th, 2014 | Author: UPSKIRT Blogger | Filed under: Bondage | No Comments »

Nicole whips Marilyn until she cries! Marilyn whips Nicole with a bamboo cane Marilyn can’t wait to take Nicole’s strap-on

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Modified Hog Tie Torment

Posted: January 9th, 2014 | Author: UPSKIRT Blogger | Filed under: Bdsm | No Comments »

35 year old Elizabeth is back and she starts her day out getting a chest harness tied onto her accentuating her fantastic tits. She gets peppered with questions about various things like bondage and her boyfriends plus her likes and dislikes. I ask her about her predicament and make her tell me how it feels for her. In between answers she gets a riding crop and a cane used on her ass. As a reward I use the Eroscillator on her clit. This certainly appeared to be a painful experience for her. She had already told me she does not like vibrators too much because of the intensity. And here I was putting a very intense one right on her clit. She was taunt I tell you. Every muscle was in use. Then suddenly she screamed out …Please!…Fuck!!… She is livid with need. Her pussy is really ripe now. She is still screaming. Curse words are also coming out of her…more cursing and painful anguish is awash her face. When I removed the vibrator it was like she had just popped up from underwater after having been submerged for way past her lung capacity. Grabbing the paddle I started spanking her ass cheeks hard. Hard enough to make her scream with pain. I laid into her. It was not clear to me which was worse for her, the impact play or the vib on the clit. With Elizabeth still restrained she called me a fucking bastard. I wish you could hear her screams. Finally I tell her it is okay to have her orgasm. And when she does she turns into a quivering mass of flesh. Her hands are now fists, her brow is furrowed and she screamed it all out. I told her to get that dirty orgasm out of her. Finally I just had to put a ring gag in her mouth. Then I caned her. I caned her until she screamed in pain again. As a reward she got the Hitach on her cunt. So she alternated between having a terrible pain in her cunt and wanting to cum so badly that she was willing to beg me for it. Once she had purged those dirty orgasms I left her there in her hogtie with the vaginal stimulator shocking her pussy… ring gagged and objectified. Then I flipped her over felt up her chest and popped some clothespins on her nipples. I put the Hitachi right back on her box. It did not take long before she let another orgasm slip without permission. No self control on this girl. I made her ask me to go get the fuck stick. She let me know it was the biggest dildo shed ever had in her cunt.Next up for Elizabeth was a standing spread-eagle. I pulled out the Hitachi and placed it right on her clit. And once that Hitachi had her ready to blow her nut I had her ask me to flog her tits instead. It looked like it hurt. Switching to the paddle now I lay into her ass. It hurt me to look at her. I could hear her calling me curse words. Then I moved to flogging her pussy. I tortured her cunt with two different vibrators before returning to the flogger. I moved from her tits to her ass and back again. Flogging each area hard and fast then moving to the next. It kept her in a state of extreme unrest. So badly that she started to cry. Next Elizabeth was sitting in a yoga position and wearing a breast tie. She is heard telling us about how her bondage feels at that moment. I attack her pussy with vibrators. She is at the point now where she is unable to have an orgasm. But I attack her cunt any way.

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Inches For Keisha

Posted: January 9th, 2014 | Author: UPSKIRT Blogger | Filed under: Vintage | No Comments »

Janis, a young housewife, wakes up sweating, hot; she just had a wet dream. All through the day and night she fantasizes about big cocks. As she tells the stories, we see the scenes. Her husband, Rufus, finally brings home a colleague, who has a huge dick, for his wife to enjoy.

Lenght: 01:17:53

Year: 1988

Director: John T. Bone

Starring: Keisha Jack Baker Erica Boyer Tom Byron Barbara Dare Max DeLong John Holmes Ron Jeremy Amber Lynn Kathlyn Moore Peter North Blake Palmer Keli Richards Joanna Storm Heather Wayne Jessica Wylde

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Curvy Raven Head Babe Playing With Her Large Natural Jugs

Posted: January 8th, 2014 | Author: UPSKIRT Blogger | Filed under: Tits | No Comments »

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It’s a lusty eye candy for all of you titty lovers out there! Meet Valery, an all natural babe with long shiny brunette hair, a shapely figure with a massive tasty booty and one set of large boobs… and her puppies are 100% natural and silicone free! Here, this raven head babe is seducing the cameras with her lusty strip tease, locking her lovely and very lusty eyes to the cams while proudly shaking her large titties! Valery’s suepr sized jugs are just amazingly large, but they are not freaky, just a perfect pair of massive funbags we’d love to squeeze, grope and lick all day long! There’s a hot shot of her in these pic set where she shows off her tasty cleavage and her tasty booty crack! You can see more of Valery inside Boob Study, and sign up today to your hands on all of her pictures and movies! This website only offers exclusive and hi-def content featuring the hottest amateur babes armed with the hugest and most natural boobs out there!

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Carolina Sexy Tranny Striptease

Posted: January 6th, 2014 | Author: UPSKIRT Blogger | Filed under: Shemale | No Comments »

Carolina starts off with a sexy striptease and dishes out her tight ass to satisfy a hunk Click here to watch the movies

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Gorgeous Mistress Strapon Jane Is Giving You Her Christmas Speech.

Posted: January 5th, 2014 | Author: UPSKIRT Blogger | Filed under: Anal | No Comments »

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Just because it’s Christmas, don’t think for one second that i’m not going to dominate that tight little ass of yours you crossdresser wench. I may well look fucking gorgeous dressed in a cheeky little Miss Santa outfit, but you can see clearly that my strapon is right in front of you and it’s ready to fuck your ass, hard.

So instead of sitting on Miss Santa’s knee, why don’t you get on your knee’s and spread your legs wide open for me. I want that asshole of yours in the air and ready to take this monster Strapon Cock of mine. I think you’ve been naughty this year, but you won’t be getting coal… You’ll be getting my big strapon cock in your tight little transvestite ASS! Merry Christmas my sissy sluts.

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Sexual Japanese Coed Aya Gives Blowjob And Gets Cooter Drilled From Behind

Posted: January 5th, 2014 | Author: UPSKIRT Blogger | Filed under: Asian | No Comments »

When Aya’s dad invited hi sold friend to spend a weekend at his place Aya is not pleased at all. Not only that she has to do everything dad’s friend asks her to do, but she also has to spread her legs and take his amazing shaft in her hairy camel! Click here and watch this naughty Japanese babe and see how she ends up with this rock hard cock up her tight hole! At first Aya is not enjoying this wicked Asian muff drill but soon she gets used to it and starts enjoying it. Click here and join this Asian pump video gallery and see this barely legal Japanese babe how she ends up hammered and covered with naughty jizz.

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Sweet Boys Story: Adrian_garik

Posted: January 5th, 2014 | Author: UPSKIRT Blogger | Filed under: Gay | No Comments »
Sweet boys story: Adrian_Garik
Adrian really isn`t a great boyfriend; he cheats on Bombastik all the time, even though in his mind they really aren`t dating, they are just fuck buddies. I wonder if he has told Bombastik that. If Bombastik sees this update I think he will get the picture because Adrian can`t seem to keep his hands off of Garik`s tight ass. After spying Garik at a club, Adrian brings him back to his apartment so he can split that tight twink ass. Things get wild when Adrian pulls out a vibrator and splits Garik`s ass with it until he moans and begs to cum.

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Envy Kenya, Candice Nicole

Posted: January 1st, 2014 | Author: UPSKIRT Blogger | Filed under: Lesbian | No Comments »

When Candace and Envy get together, it ain’t just for a cup of coffee. These sexy lesbian goddesses love to eat, drink and sleep pussy! Watch as Candace begins the scene dildoing her moist snatch to the point of orgasm. Then Envy Kenya enters the room with a tight body and a bag full of toys and role playing goodies. Soon the sexy pair is kissing, petting and panting with sensual excitement. Before long, Envy is finger-banging and inserting the kitchen sink into Candace’s hungry vagina. She then tries on a strap-on and starts fucking Canadace the way she likes it, hard and fast.

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A Redhead Delicious Chick In An Upskirt Voyeur Cam Style

Posted: January 1st, 2014 | Author: UPSKIRT Blogger | Filed under: Voyeur | No Comments »

An upstairs moving mom caught on spy cam

In fact, this hussy with red hair and wearing a lacy mini skirt and a blouse is waiting for her fancy man. Or else what for is this dame so much uptight and looking thru the window on a going basis? Besides, she touches her unclad legs nonconsciously and even reaches her pink knicks when reading a book.

And this dame is not able to remain sitting in a single place – in her voyeur cam film she travels from a backchair to an exercise bicycle to a rocking chair… But, will we behold her sweet man?

Amazing mature upskirt shot

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